Sunday, May 20, 2012

stuff ive been doing

frank made a new friend.  and/or faced off with a squirrel and possibly lost.  idk how to really determine the winner as frank eventually flailed enough in the window and door that the squirrel ran away, but not after the squirrel gave a severe chittering/berating and some tail lashings.  then again, frank gets a comfy apartment, food, and water.  instead of eventually ending up roadkill...

UNE had a graduation that a friend and i diligently sat through.  unfortunately the speaker was giving more of a political stump speech than a "yay graduates" ...but really whats the point?  congrats.  you have one or multiple degrees.  good luck finding a job.  no really.
a friend and i went exploring in the adorable town of bath but unfortunately it is a bit small population-wise for my taste.  and really the only engineering is at the iron works. 
i made a german chocolate cake with chocolate vodka.  mmmmmm
other various explorations - portland harbor and a terrifying flea market/antique shop in brunswick

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