Friday, May 4, 2012

completed: another dress

pattern: thrifted for $1.99.  never even been unfolded.  my size pattern called for 2 1/4 yards of fabric.  i made do with 2 yards.  no sash. 
cutting all the pieces.  usually the difficult time consuming part.

details.  not in instgram or diptic or anything.  ms paint.  yuss.  always super classy.  those shoulder straps were a pain in the ass.  not only did i baste them in backwards and pin the sleeve facing before i realized... i did it twice.  but that bitch is interfaced and serged.  and even ...ironed?!
front view
the pattern had an optional zipper or exposed back.  im gonna leave it open for now..
the aftermath.  one usable piece of fabric to add to my ever growing pile of scraps.  for what... i have yet to determine. 


  1. This is soo pretty... and i love the fabric u use... I have the same pattern thrifted too, but yet to make it. Great job!

  2. thank you! the cut-out cap sleeves might be easier to assemble than the straps, but theyre faced so idk. post a pic when you make the dress!!

  3. Hi Liz!
    UAU what a beautiful dress! LOVE the back! Great job!
    Kisses from Portugal!


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