Friday, May 25, 2012

vege spring rolls

experimental spring roll success! 

so after a random night of eating at a friend's house [spring rolls and pasta], i decided to try my hand at making my own rolls.  i found the appropriate rice paper thingies and read up a bit on the might internets on how to roll them. 
basically you dip the paper sheets in water for oh... 2 seconds or so.  then you cram a bunch of crap in it and roll before it gets so pliable it falls apart.  since i didnt relish getting avocado/rice paper goo all over my camera there are no pics of this.  the rice paper sheet is about 9" across and fillings should be about 2"x7" plopped right in the middle.  fold the 1" sides [the ends of the roll] to the middle and then fold the bottom half up and do a little tuck and roll magic.  really... you have to attempt it in real life.  there really arent words to describe the process and i do not have access to a professional photographer. 
sweet potato flour noodles [korean] fried lightly with soy and kecap manis [sweet soy]
the sad remainders of my 2 baby cucumbers and avocado
noodles all wrapped up looking frighteningly like worms
super close up with chili sauce


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