Tuesday, May 8, 2012

third verse, same as the first

3 dresses in 3 weeks.  must be some sort of record for me.  and/or temporary unemployment. 

anywho.  same cheapy new look pattern [different view than before] and a coordinating brandon mably print that matches with this one but is sold out on fabric.com.  sleeveless, boat neck in front, and as it turns out i didnt have a coordinating 22" zipper.  so i used a 14" brown zipper.  still not really coordinating but i actually made a zipper flap cos i am getting that awesome. 
happy.  angry.  whatever.
i also adjusted the back neckline so it wasnt as gapey.  that involved readjusting the facing as well.  ack.  but the zipper goes up about 2/3 of the way and i added a hook at the top.  pretty sure the kick pleat is a little more even than the pic shows, but it may not be. 

ive been told im sassy.  the last pic is either sassy or angry.  i def lean toward the 2nd more often..


  1. Very sassy, very pretty dress! :) I dont think I know how to make a zipper flap yet! So awesome!

  2. thank you! idk if thats the official sewing term... but its just a fold of fabric that hides the zipper - regular teeth not the invisible type. im very slowly working up to it.


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