Tuesday, April 24, 2012

tree dress #2

almost a year ago i made a dress in a tree print.  welp ive made another.  from a now sold out line of lemon grove prints from fabric.com.  i bought a pattern from the joann's "cheap" section. 
pretty easy peasy and umm had i drawn on the darts and waist tucks like the pattern recommended [with the tracing kit i don have..] it would have been ridiculously easy. 
now i dont generally like that large of pics of me.  and its grainy cos i forgot to change the speed.  but the dress looks pretty damn good.  i *actually* followed the package measurements and it fits like a slightly odd glove.  i need to either make the back darts bigger or do something with the very back neckline.  but look!  zipper and all!  [basting works!!]  and the trees ...line up in weird duplicate pairs.  oops. 
click to enlarge but theyre generally the same.

i might have to make another.  but with the oversized collar.  that would actually fix the weird yoke gaping problem and um..with a not so obviously vertical pattern.  while its not really obvious the trees on the top front are diagonal.  thats cos the side pleats use so much fabric but the bottom grain is supposed to be normal [vertical].  bahh. 


  1. Super great job Liz!!! Looking forward to see your next version!

  2. well, i didn't notice any of that stuff you mentioned...i like it!

  3. I haven't made a dress from pattern yet... but only because I SUCK at patterns. I have no patience to figure things out. It's a shame really, because that dress is cute!

  4. well thanks! i wore it to work already and its pretty damn comfy

  5. thanks! it was actually pretty easy and i followed ALL of the directions and it worked!

  6. far: i dont know what happened to your comment [i got an email notifying me but its not in spam] but thank you! i will definitely be posting future versions/attempts!

  7. well, i didn't notice any of that stuff you mentioned...i like it!

  8. Hi Liz!
    Great job! Awesome dress! Congratulations!
    Kisses from Portugal!


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