Friday, April 13, 2012


random things that didnt make it into other posts at the time. 
curry chicken and rice pilaf with dried cranberries and almonds
back cove on the morning of my first day of temping

hawaiian coconut beer
drink markers and kitty mugs - at laroux kitchen in portland.  all the kitchen gadgets and accoutrements you [i] could ever want and not afford or have room for.  sigh.
strawberry rhubarb pie i made for easter and my assortment of glasses waiting for mimosas to be poured
leftover potroast/stew after 7 people ate brunch.  apparently the 3 pounds in the recipe was for a yield of like 14 servings..


  1. omg i almost bought you that same cup!!!! it was in a newbury comics store here!

  2. i considered it for a bit and decided it didnt go with the rest of my thrifted <$2 dishes..


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