Tuesday, April 17, 2012

liz's laundry

  • faux desigual dress: mexicali blues [maine store]
  • old blazer: kohls
  • leggings: charlotte russe
an attempt at smaggle-style head wrap and h&m 90's jacket that doesnt fit over thick knits.  i will be attempting the head scarf again [just not to work] and the jacket was in my consignment pile as ive worn it... once. 
  • scarf tied as faux wrap: thrifted
  • sweater dress: marshalls
i finally redid my nails.  seal grey with silver crackle accent on my angry fingers
  • dress: thrifted
and let me just bitch about temperature for a few.  the heat is still blasting away in my apartment.  i have all windows open fully and a fan in my bedroom window in a desperate attempt to sleep at night.  i wore a sweater over the above dress to work assuming it would be normal.  to quote my mainer relatives, it was waahm.  mind you, my boss in the adjacent cubicle was wearing khaki pants, boat shoes, and a polo.  and went to find a sweater cos he got cold.  i think my internal thermometer is severely broken. 
  • sort-of-jacket: from the sister
  • ruffle top: ny&co
  • belt: h&m [3pack]
  • skirt: thrifted


  1. the headwrap picture made me laugh i'm allowed to laugh becuase my hair would be just as spastic in a headwrap.

  2. i trimmed the back of my hair again so it might be marginally better... i also may have cut my neck with scissors but thats a story for another time


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