Friday, April 13, 2012

thrift edits

apparently im really into ruffles.  whether or not i'll actually wear this is another matter.  not exactly corporate office or grocery store wear...  but i think its pretty obvious here that i cut the bottom off and stuck it on at the neck.  explanation complete.
so this before pic isnt quite accurate as i added the bottom dip-dye as well.  and it looks a wee bit diseased.  i cant guarantee that its better in real life.  and im thinking i might just overdye the bright green black.  but it was a weird dolman sleeved jumpsuit-style dress.  i really liked the snaps so i bought it..and then debated for almost a month before hacking off the sleeves and skirt.
aaand 90s skirt cropped for normal wear.  fin

linking up to erica's recycled fashion finds

Recycled Fashion


  1. Hi Liz! Actually I really like what you did to the dresses!

  2. thanks far! all very basic stuff - not nearly as cool as the stuff you do!

  3. I love all the refashions you did and that first one with the ruffles is actually clever. It looks really pretty! :)


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