Thursday, April 26, 2012

sparkle walls

is your apartment/house/parent's basement sad and boring?  do you like shiny sparkly things? [everyone does]  do you like to support artisans in a fair-trade manner?  welp.  check out novica and then check out what i bought!!
monsoon shower wallhanging by meena
some close ups:

someday [a friend's upcoming wedding perhaps?] i will go to india.  and hopefully not get cholera, dysentary, west nile, and heat stroke [like i just about did in honduras]. 

pretty much my new wall hanging puts my old red one [..from pier 1] to shame.  so this will take its rightful place in my [green and brown] kitchen.  partially because it is the only wall that i have that long/blank enough at the moment, and partially as when i have people over they are generally in the kitchen with me.

also, i like brackets [ ] and my running internal sidebar within a commentary. 

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