Sunday, April 8, 2012

chocolate overload engage!

i forgot to take a picture of my ticket.  and then the girl at the door took it.  but i attended the chocolate lover's fling on the 1st of april.  and urf.  good thing it was a fundraiser for a really good cause cos i was rather ill and more than a bit cracked out afterwards.

advice for life:  do not eat that much chocolate ever again.

some cellphone shots:
mini choco cupcake with salted caramel buttercream frosting.  good cake texture... disappointing frosting. 

the "people's choice" winner: chocolate cheesecake bite with salted caramel
needhams.  weird maine potato/coconut treat dipped in chocolate.  along with a mocha chocolate bombe and a chocolate dipped maple candy
sadly blurry cocoa nibs
the judge's choice: chocolate stout cake with ganache filling, strawberries with pound cake "fries" and raspberry dipping "ketchup"
other overly indulgent chocolates and candy sushi
gelato and assorted other things including curry chocolate and blueberry chocolate
the sad unfinished [wasted] aftermath.  no doggie bags.  sigh.


  1. oh em geeeeee. so much chocolate! It's a choco overload! Those chocolate sushi look cute!

  2. omg! i would've flown out for this!!! hahha

  3. unfortunately i only got to admire them... i couldnt stomach any more sugar

  4. thats where i was when you left me the irate AAA message. sorrrrry

  5. and you would have flown back with an epic tummyache


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