Tuesday, April 17, 2012

sewing like mad

well not really, but ive completed [!] two projects in the last two nights.
yet another 90's eddie bauer dress that i cut apart and added a ruffle ala this pin:

from gcb [good christian bitches] which is a hilarious show on abc.  the desperate religious petty housewives of dallas.  based on the book of the same name.
its a bit short cos i ...wasnt paying attention and i cut off too much

and i made another petticoat!  here is the crappiest tutorial ever:

step 1: do some math.  determine waist measurement and length [remember pi*d is circumference and pi*r^2 is area.  not helpful].  i can scan in my little drawing if that helps.

-edit- here is my scan:
its had a hard life.  please forgive my terrible handwriting and the fact that the paper rolled around in my purse for 2 days.  and then i ripped it by accident.

step 2: get fabric accordingly.  i purchased 6 yards of 54" tulle, 2 yards of 1.5" satin ribbon, and 20 yards of 3/8" ribbon...which i didnt use that much of.

step 3: cut that shit out.  i found pinning the 4 layers together and putting the curious kitty in another room helped a surprising amount.

step 4: baste around the waistband and in a long rectangle [4-5"] down one side, carefully cut open
step 5: pin wide ribbon around waist and down the previously made slit.  seriously pin the crap out of it.  satin ribbon + 4 layers of tulle = crazy big mess.
step 6: sew ribbon down on the inner edge [closest to the tulle not the top] while carefully removing pins.  resew a second seam between the first and the top edge of the waistband.  not only does it look nicer [and sates my ocd] but it lays flatter when you wear it. 
step 7: attach thin ribbon to the top of both waistband corners [i melted the edges to prevent fraying and cos i was too lazy to iron over the ends]
step 8: sew thin ribbon around bottom edge of tulle, folding tulle between ribbon layers like bias tape.  the most difficult timeconsuming ire-rasing bias ever.

step 9: give up after one layer. 

step 10: fin!

id say it makes my minnie mouse dress look pretty fab no?


  1. absolutely love that outfit. when you're done with that dress please mail to kt. kthx.


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