Thursday, January 17, 2013

dress repair

i bought this dress awhile back [ahem june..] and this dress has been patiently waiting for me to repair it.
despite having some holes/burns and tears, it fit pretty perfectly and i loved the faux necktie.  i chopped the top half off a couple inches above the waistline and about 4 inches from the waistline down the skirt.  since the top was already fitted, i stuffed it on my mannequin and called it good.  polyester being the wonder [terror] fabric that it is doesnt fray, so i ruched the skirt portion, pinned it on the top, and ruched both portions together.

ive tried attaching elasticized skirt/waistbands to tops before but used a technique of awkwardly pulling all layers and then sewing a regular straight stitch in the hopes that it would stretch normally.  with mediocre results.  usually a fail.  but it seems sewing the two parts together with elastic thread is genius.  i continually amaze myself.  both in success and... why in gods name did i not think of that before.
i also cropped the sleeves a bit.  my arms tend to get that strangly feeling if theyre encased in fabric for too long.  new and improved slightly shorter, more swingy hemmed, non-holey dress!


  1. IIIIIII LIKE IT! I haven't sewn with elastic thread before, mainly because I'm afraid to screw up. But I know lots of things I have set aside (READ: HOARDED) that needs mending that could benefit from elastic thread!

  2. its easy! you handwrap elastic thread taut but not stretched around the bobbin [make sure its winding the same direction thread would] and sew with thread on top like normal. make sure the beginning and end are backstitched securely or the elastic will try and escape. after the second row [dont stretch it while youre sewing] it just goes shuuuunk into a nicely ruched bit of awesome!

    and... i think i need to add another hook at the waist. theres a little gap at mah belly


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