Sunday, January 6, 2013

xmas 2013?

cos its never too late to start procrastinating projects for next holiday season that you didnt do the last one...   some projects found in my mom's collection of holiday home/cooking/crafty project books from the late 90s
  • sparkle centerpieces - silver candlesticks and candelabra adorned with rhinestone necklaces
  • belljars with middle eastern flair
  • an overabundance of red poppies [too much with the terracotta walls]
  • clear glass/plastic ornaments with gold/bronze leaf or actual leaves glued on
  • feather tassels - wood finials and feather biots
  • 10 types of holiday greenery and plants
  • wood and raffia filled display case for special [?] ornaments
  • wreath made from pink and green crystal tree garlands
  • mantle decor
  • how to dip-paint ornaments
  • a bowl of moss
  • mini flower topiaries in silver buckets
  • mirrors, sparkles, mini disco balls, and pink - retro fab nye
  • quick gifts - glue stuff to pushpins, add schmanchy box
  • thrift store plates and candlesticks make a tiered ornament tray
  • tie on plastic/resin animals for kitschy awesomeness
  • amaryllis in a punchbowl with acrylic ice cubes/vase filler
  • wheat wreath
  • square wreath with cinnamon sticks, juniper berries, boxwood, and greens
  • broccoli tree?
  • hanging shell chandelier/mobile
  • square wreath picture frames
so the question really is... how many of these will i do next year?  i did glue things to pushpins this year.  but other than that, dont hold your breath. 

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