Saturday, January 12, 2013

sushi saturday!

no i lie.  these were made for our friday potluck at work.  but... scheduling and timing and life and all that.

make some rice.  while its still steaming hot, add sugar and rice vinegar.  for exact amounts, ask a sushi chef.  i just dump stuff in until the texture/shiny looks right.

key ingredients: sriracha, mayo, avocads, tuna [fresh or in a can - i prefer the cheap nonperishable kind], carrots, and cukes.  oh yea and seaweed.  prepare your shit.
on a sushi mat [usually found in asian markets near the ginormous packets of sushi seaweed], place some rice.  since it is likely hot... be careful.  sticky rice causes 2nd degree burns.  fact.  not really.  have a little bowl of water nearby to dip your fingers in [and/or cool them off from rice burns] and smush the rice around so it covers 3/4 of the seaweed. 

place stuff on the rice.  i have ocd so stuff gets aligned very nicely, but once you roll up the sides, everything shifts.  just dont place your stuff more than one layer deep and over half the seaweed.  here again you should reference a sushi chef.  or the internet.  or a sushi manual.  roll the mat into a u-shape and squish the bottom [with rice] up to the top of the rice [just below the bare seaweed].  wet the seaweed and flop it over the top.

since i have an inability to make round sushi [and moral/ethical/obesessive qualms about lumpy oval sushi], i make mine square.  even though above it looks kind of trapezoidal.  its not.  honest.  i find it much easier to squeeze the sides [evenly but not with ridiculous pressure - you dont want flat sushi] and then dump the roll 180 do square off the bottom sides. 

since the only time ive ever made sushi ahead of time it got all dry and fell apart, i wrapped each roll in plastic wrap and stuffed it [still slightly steamy] into the fridge.  we'll see how it turns out.  then ..what to do with the extra stuffs?  make a delicious sushi-like salad.  only without the rice and seaweed.  noms.

success!  the rolls actually cut better after sitting overnight, and everyone at work said they were amazing!  ... i thought they were only ok, but i both my boss and the vp took some home for their husbands.  not too shabby eh?


  1. That's so smart to make square shaped sushi! and I LOVE Sriracha in sushi! Soooo good.

    ♥ laura

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  2. yeees we'll go with smart! not my failure to make round sushi. then it doesnt roll away..? sriracha all the things!


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