Tuesday, January 8, 2013

from frumpy to flattering?

after some pinterest inspiration [7 variations on my sewing board] i figured out what to do with the quintessential "vintage" dress.  it has all the qualifications of the 70's-80's - heavy polyester fabric, pleated tea-length skirt, bubble top with weird lining, awkward shoulder pads and sleeve length.  oh yea.  and the pattern.  stripey variegated floral.  yuss.
i cut out the translucent bubble lining, unpicked the shoulder seam, sleeves, and sides aaaand  realized i wasted about an hour as i then cut off the entire top 5 inches.  oh well.  i stuffed the dress onto my sewing mannequin, drew on a square neckline and back cutout with my handy sidewalk chalk, and then hacked away.  i used a dress i have to estimate sleeves instead of battling my sleeve ruler/guide again and voila.  done!

and yes the back is a bit lower than id hoped.  my bra strap shows.  ...good thing i have a blue bra! 


  1. DANG girl, you have got skills! I love what you did with it! I certainly hope you're proud. :)

  2. thanks!! i was pretty impressed that it came out like i imagined. usually my end product is .... close.


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