Wednesday, January 16, 2013

a goodwill driveby

black and red corduroy "dress" and someone's old prep-school blazer, now the second in my hordings collection closet.  turns out it was corduroy and silk day.
an orange [gasp i know] leather shirt/jacket/thing, a black loft blazer with frillys underneath, and a velour blazer that bigger when i washed it?
the only thing i can say about this dress is... blue floral silk.  and those shoulder pads were the size of my face.  we'll see what i can do with it
raw silk dress [about 5 sizes too big], silk maxi skirt, yellow cherry maxi now on etsy, pink fluffy skirt, an ll bean jacket [i think perhaps it needs sparkles or studs or something], and a blue corduroy dress thing.  i say thing as that is the nicest word i can come up with.  awkwardy mcawkward sauce.  i have dreams of a skater dress.

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