Sunday, January 13, 2013

etsy round 14[?]

mmmm ocd.  i decided ... it was about damn time i reorganized my stuff that i listed on etsy.  the vast majority of my postings expired last month and i was tempted just to dump everything back at goodwill and call it a day.  then my frugal/cheapskate ways said no way in hell.  i also briefly considered going to more consignment shops and trying to sell stuff, but my lazy ways said no way in hell.

long story short, i took the time to hang everything up.  ie i assembled my spare ikea clothing rack, took the clothes it out of the bag in my closet, and hung stuff.  needless to say, it all looks much better already.  and since 90% of it is polyester.. it will be wrinkle free probably by tomorrow. 
all this stuff... i measured, photographed, and added to frank's frocks.  go check it out.  tell your friends.  no seriously.  and stay tuned for sparkle animals, soon to grace an etsy store near you.  technically there already are some.  but im not going to charge $45 for a plastic animal that i painted and stuck glitter on.  thats just ridiculous. 

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