Monday, January 7, 2013

sweater quilt!

well 90% finished atleast.  the [aptly named] blanket stitch isnt quite done, but the front is completed and attached to the back.  in my book thats a freaking miracle.
i left this propped up on the futon overnight.  guess where frank was sleeping this morning..
i bought 4 purple wool-blend sweaters at goodwill [according to instagram since i seem to have no other pics] 3 weeks ago.  i washed and dried them in the hopes they would felt ever so slightly but not make a huge fuzz explosion.  success!  also, i thought i had posted these pictures awhile back.  no dice.

i cut out completely arbitrary 10" squares from the front and back of the sweaters and 5" square from the remaining sleeves, neckline, and whatever else i could scrounge.  also some oblong 2.5" strips just in case. 
then i sewed alternating colors together, first in the weirdest rectangular bunting ever, and then into full squares.  since i always avoid this step and end up with wonky quilts... i trimmed all the edges. 
again, since my 10" square-size was completely out of thin air, i was amazed to find when i laid all my pieces out on the backing [$6 fleece blanket from cvs, bought god knows when] it fit pretty perfectly!  i sewed each row together, trimmed my edges again [!] and then completely ignored my ufo for a few weeks.  
last night i finally sewed each row together, attached the backing, and tied on some little whatever the hell theyre called - the overhand knot that holds the layers together.  while i was watching a terrible show on netflix i managed to sew about half the edge with blanket stitch, got a wicked cramp in my hand, and gave up.  the end.


  1. This is amazing! I wish I could sew. I just started knitting, and want to learn how to crochet, too, but sewing seems far too hard T_T

  2. This is so awesome! and purple! Love it :)

  3. thanks! sewing is actually so much easier than knitting/crocheting... you basically just feed fabric under a needle. and it is actually quite difficult to hurt yourself, even though the needle goes terrifyingly fast.

  4. thanks! my next version will probably be more leah-esque colors. i think a grey/black patchwork would be quite nice. but it does involve a trip to goodwill which is always dangerous..


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