Monday, January 28, 2013

winner winner chicken dinner!

omg you guys.  i won something!  now i did technically win a pattern [and some notions!] in far's giveaway, but it was more of a i-got-to-pick-what-i-wanted situation.  but last month, rachel held a swarovski giveway.  i assumed i wouldnt win, but left a comment anyway.  turns out, the winner she chose, never responded to her email, and i was next!  so all the way from austria, [via dhl.  they left me a note after attempted delivery on the downstairs foyer door and i said wtf is this??] the swarovski elements swag bag! 
with color carousel just like their phone app.  that i still have. 

based on the picture in the giveaway, i assumed i would be making something...for someone else.  im not big on pink hearts.  buuuut no.  teardrop/briolettes, regular faceted beads, pearls, and all sorts of silver [my favorite] findings.  some crystal chain, and tigers eye.  which as a side note i was obsessed with as a kid.  when i ...collected rocks.  for real.
some rockin closeups.  on my ...slightly nasty half deteriorating kitchen counter.  i think i may have used too much lysol spray. 
some instructions on assembly and a rundown of whats in the kit
and..bonus beads?  schwat?  these werent mentioned anywhere in the list and they werent actually in the gauzy bag.  so either those got in there by accident, or some awesome german speaker knows my other favorite color. 

aaaaaah!!!!!  thanks rachel! 

stay tuned for some kind of blinged-out blindingly sparkly yet tasteful statement necklace!


  1. OH MY GOD!!! you hit the mother lode, Liz! Congrats!!! I'm so jealous :)

  2. thanks! i was pretty excited even just to open the package... and the squealing just kept going!

  3. oh wow!!!! That's such an awesome prize!

  4. How fun! I love making beaded jewelry :)

  5. my little container of swarovski beads was running low and my last trip to the bead store was sooo expensive. im pretty excited to make more with my crazy winnings!

  6. and can i just say again... i won something!!!! aaaahh!!


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