Tuesday, January 15, 2013

sparkles galore

ill admit i went a leeeetle crazy at michaels this weekend.  and it reminded me how superior michaels is to ac moore.  but whatever.  what did i buy you ask... well. 
does that help?  pink extra fine glitter, in the shape of a z?

z is for zelnicky.  and now that ive painted half the edges in a dusty pink/purple that matches the glitter........ i think i liked it better with plain wood.  hell. 
a dragon, a dinosaur [dimetrodon i think in case you cared], and a hippo walk into a bar..  they each had a coat of paint and 2 coats of glitter.  and in the top right you can see frank in the living room.  odd..  bottom two pics are an orange glittered corgie, cat, and goldfish that is...not proportional.  as well as a pink rat, hamster [?], and bunny.  i dunked the little ones in glue and then glittered.  and then belatedly thought ...probably should have glued on pushpins first.
and just one more z to end.  stay tuned for a blue ankylosaurus


  1. Glitter makes everything 1000000000 times better. Even dinosaurs. Which reminds me to make mine soon. he.

    ♥ laura

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  2. sparkle all the things! i want to see pics of yours when theyre done!


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