Sunday, January 20, 2013

a brief foray into dumplings

super simple dumplings!  all perfectly oven crisped and not too mouth-burning-lava-filled.

wonton wraps and pre-made slightly reheated stirfry
lay one wrapper flat on a cutting board/plate/piece of waxed paper/ultra clean counter.  add a very small spoonful of stirfry.  wet the left and top edges with beaten egg white and fold on the diagonal.  ensure the little edges stay closed and smush the triangle corners down and around the backside.  dab some eggwhite on the two corners and ensure they stay down.  place corner-side down on a parchment paper lined pan.
preheat oven to 400 and continue process.  eventually decide to stop at the folding-in-half step out of laziness and frustration. 
fill pan with wontons.  spray with olive oil or canola until shiny.  bake for 7 minutes or until bubbled and just browned on the edges

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