Wednesday, January 30, 2013

liz's laundry

i just have to note, the sparkle blazer and the wedge winter boots are the last thing i am buying until i buy a house!!  and at a total of $24... id say pretty damn good purchases.
  • sparkle cropped blazer: forever 21
  • tee: calvin klein
  • tank top: h&m
  • jeans: gap
  • wedge booties: via beyond the rack

  • cardi: inc via macys
  • top: tj maxx/marshalls
  • skirt: target
  • leggings: uniqlo heattech
  • top: j crew via hand-me-down from the sis
  • blazer: thrifted
  • sparkle pants: $4 clearance at fashion bug
  • blazer and pants: thrifted
  • scarf: xmas present
  • tee: gap
  • earrings: target


  1. I happen to like all your outfit combos today! ;) and that grey j crew top is interesting looking! The sequinned blazer is pretty too.

  2. once again far, i have no idea where your comment went! i got a notification email but.. its gone. the grey top was more ruffly, but i finally ironed open stitched down the ruffles.

    i'm still working from my pre-picked outfits and they seem to be going pretty well. turns out the night i tried eeeeverything on, my brain was working a bit better than it does in my morning pre-work haze


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