Saturday, March 28, 2009

the yard

as a leasee, i realize i signed for a house and a sweet bachelorette pad in the newly finish basement. but the yard is atrocious to put it lightly. granted, three guys lived in the house prior to us and my current male roommates are delegated to yard duty which got done maybe twice last fall... but here is the current state of the yard

on the north east corner there is a bush and a pile of broken concrete

south east corner has bushes and some ailing ivy. the fence seperating our yard from the neighbor's is part wood like the back fence and part chain link. the bushes i think were supposed to disguse the chain link but are doing a piss poor job.

this is the gap under the fence to our other neighbor's yard. its basically a kitty door..which allows the kitties to come and sit in the sun, roam around the yard, poop at will, and leave.

an upside.. my tulips and lilys are sprouting! it looks like they all made it through the winter!

tomorrow i am venturing to home depot to attempt purchase and transport of 2"x12"x14' boards in my sister's car. i figure since planting the bulbs was a challenge due to rocks and roots and generally really crappy soil... i am planning raised beds. also, since posting my powercad drawing i have made some changes to my garden plan. on advisement from our office bookkeeper [former electrical engineer for secret government cold war things/tae kwon do expert/gardener], i found a really old version of this book and revised my planting arrangment.

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