Sunday, March 8, 2009

nyc daytrip

leah and i took another expensive eating and shopping tour of nyc on saturday. and by that i mean we wandered, ate, shopped, and packed like sardines or cattle into the subway. but one stop which i now cant place for the life of me, had these little decorations on the wall

i also snapped this picture while venturing thru a crosswalk. assuming she did the applique herself this is an amazingly cute purse. however, being nyc i would guess she bought this at an overpriced botique. nevertheless, i may try and make one.

and now, another smaggleesque style picture. which is actually not what i wore into the city but rather the day before.

  • shirt: calvin klein
  • tanktop: somewhere cheap
  • skirt: forever 21 [shameful i know]
  • watch: fossil
  • necklace: present from the boy


  1. i love nyc and i love that purse!! if you recreate it definitely put a picture up of it!! love it!!

  2. the satiney/applique look reminds me of these korean dolls i had when i was little. if only i knew how to make them. and hand sew evenly...


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