Sunday, March 29, 2009

domo and a weird outfit

domo, the mascot of a japanese tv station, has a hilarious back story and multiple fansites. leah bought me a domo and he visits various places around my bedroom but has not yet left the house on any crazy adventures.

in other news, i wore a kind of odd outfit the other day and realized why old navy had to switch to "super modelquins". their clothes really dont fit people that move.

  • necklace: pac sun [$2 clearance!]
  • dress: old navy
  • sweater: dkny
  • jeans: gap clearance
i hardly buy anything full price. fuck yea. and um i had some problems with my selftimer. the sister wasnt home to take a pic of me so i attached my sweet gorillapod to the treadmill. here is another picture that resulted. i like how my crazy face is also in the mirror. oops.

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