Sunday, March 8, 2009

start of the slowest quilt ever

as a slightly impatient person, i like to do crafts that have tangible results...quickly. that said, i dont like things that are speed vs quality, but good lord. i know quilting is usually a "leisure activity" but this one square took me about 3 hours to make.

since my rotary razor thing is still a bit effed up and i have a tendency to cut crooked even with a straight edge...the yellow triangles dont exactly meet up. but its kind of close. and hopefully wont look as shitty once its all put together.

i got the pattern from weekend scrap quilting, which i think weekend.

im not sure why the picture is sideways.. i uploaded it again and it's still turned. oh well. my quilt isnt going to have the fancy dark and light diagonal stripes as im too damn lazy to find 800 shades of fabric and im using the fat quarters i bought from which are in 5 general colors. but hopefully ill finish this someday and either attempt to actually quilt it to batting and a backing or take it to the pfaff store where i got my machine.

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