Wednesday, March 4, 2009

capitalism at its finest

i am all for handmade jewelry. and commercial jewelry. and vintage jewelry. ok just jewelry in general. regardless. i get emails from ideeli, which i found out about thru nytimes emails. i havnt bought anything as i believe a dress which was originally priced at $2000 "specially offered for a limited time only" for $ still not a good deal. im cheap. what can i say. but today this gem [literally] was in the sale email. this is a prime example:

if this image is copyrighted i am truely sorry. but it gets the point across. this "vintage safety pin" has 5.5" of ribbon and chains and a swarvoski crystal. firstly, this is something that i would pass by at a garage sale. secondly, IT IS A SAFETY PIN WITH CRAP SEWN ON TO IT. thirdly, the lace is raw on the edges, the chains are mixed metals for that "artsy" look, and theres a brass "R" on it. and it retails for $235. why? im not sure. ideeli offers it for the low low bargin of $69! um still wouldnt buy it. if i were gifted this item i would graciously accept it and then weeks later, unworn, it would go in my "donate to goodwill/salvation army" bag.

in case you still would like to purchase a product such as this, many like this, although each uniquely handmade, are available from marquis & camus' online store. as they say, the collection "...strives to exude class, allure and elegance, while bringing an edge and profound sense of individuality." so what the fuck do i know. i clearly do not have the class or the je ne sais quoi to understand the art of recreated vintage overpriced gawdy jewelry. i am scum.

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