Monday, March 2, 2009


since i finally have a yard and am staying in a house longer than a year, i can plant a garden! granted, most plants i have ever had have died or learned to survive without sun or water... but im going to attempt a green thumb regardless. i got two books from the library: complete idiot's guide to edible gardening and crops in pots cos it had a cute title. turns out im not a complete idiot and dont need such a basic book. but they had some good ideas on mixing crops and growing an arch trellis covered in beans and tomatoes. too bad arch trellis or arbors are like $400.

instead of looking for seed starting kits, i decided to buy a burpee newspaper potmaker and "super growing pellets". the potmaker is cool buuut the dirt pellets are definatly not worth it. they take too long to absorb water and are pretty clearly designed for the plastic cell containers. it took 2 pellets to fill one of the newspaper pots and after 4 days, several of the dirt things are molding on the top layer. i hate to think what is happening to the seeds buuuut i planted like an impatient schitzo so there are probably 5-10 seeds in each paper pot. i also assumed none of them would grow, but my bok choi have proved me wrong already!

next plan of action: find gardening book about not killing plants...

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