Wednesday, March 4, 2009

cheesecake palazzo

for leah's birthday eating extravaganza part 1 we lunched at cheesecake factory. delicious, expensive, and noisy. and we had the waiter bring a slice of fudgeychocolatelybrownie with a candle and NO SINGING. it was quite nice.

for leah's birthday eating extravaganza part 2 we supped at bobby's burger palace. again delicious, expensive, and noise. and the weirdest music ever. i have to say the burger was pretty amazing...but im not sure if it was $7 amazing. the sweet potato fries were crispy and not greasy with a honey mustard horseradish dipping sauce. as much as i really dont like the weird burning bitter taste of was really good. and the thick chocolate shake wasnt bad.

this guy joined us for a few minutes.

for leah's birthday eating extravaganza part 3 everyone is going to applebees [?] for dessert and drinks. unfortunatly i have to work tomorrow so im going to bed.

as a sidebar, since leaving work at noon today i ate 2 gigantic meals and was in the smithhaven mall area for 7 hours.

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