Wednesday, March 11, 2009

el jardin

really bad shot i know... but it shows all my baby plants!!! here is what im attempting to grow:

vegetables [or fruits as im told]: soy bean/edamame, bok choi, zucchini, multicolored bell peppers, heirloom tomatoes, green and purple beans, eggplant, mesclan lettuce, and cucumbers cos they came in a pack.

flowers: sunflower, aster, snapdragon, morning glory, sweet pea

herbs: thai basil, rosemary, lavender [for leah], fennel, italian basil, oregano, flat parsley

so far i havnt planted the herbs or the sweet peas. and everything but the eggplant is growing. out of three plantings [maybe 12 seeds?] one tomato has sprouted but probably wont make it thru the night as our house is rather chilly. basically the two reasons im trying to grow my own garden...are COMPLETELY FAILING.

but heres some lettuce in an extreme closeup

and some little sprouties and..tin foil.

someday soon ill make a garden plan rather than just a sketch. but mostly im worried about how to get the cat shit out of the back yard and how to keep the strays from ...repooping in the yard. and digging. and generally being a crazy cat herd cos the damn woman across the street feeds them every day.

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