Tuesday, March 24, 2009

anomalous long island

whilst driving at high rates of speed today..ironically also whilst [a word which should be used more] checking posted speed limit signs for the town of brookhaven... i happened upon places that noone would consider "normal long island".

now with a grain of salt...long island is a neon strip-mall angry traffic jam.

these are not.

the amount of woods surprised me upon moving to LI. i then learned there used to be massive duck farms in suffolk county which both astounded and utterly disgusted me.

i have no idea wtf this is. id guess an old greenhouse, but after driving past i realized it was massive. like 20+ feet high massive.

while outrageous houses may be the norm for the hamptons... wrought iron fences and brick/masonry stairs and driveway are uncommon for the mastic beach/shirley area.

and lastly... umm a crazy weather alien tv cell phone tower? thanks canon photostitch. you make life more fun. and give the ability to take pictures of tall things without actually having to leave the car!

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