Tuesday, March 24, 2009

inappropriate uses for powercad

well not so much inappropriate. it was designed to do cool shit. but this has absolutely nothing to do with traffic or transportation.

firstly-a rearrange idea for our awkwardly shaped office. due to weird jutting portions of the wall [load bearing columns?], the boss man's desire for a bigger office, and enormous desks that were way too expensive for their cheap and tawdry result [i digress]... we are veeeeery limited. i took a photo of my print out and my actual paper cutouts. cos theyre on my bulletin board now. along with a glycemic index food pyramid, a calendar, and a business card from our recycling organizer. and about 20 extra thumbtacks.

  • top left option is what we currently have. the two tiny rectangles on the left are bookcases that are currently blocking the window that the bossman spies on us through. the desk at the bottom is also next to a window..but this one looks outside into a behemoth bush and barely sees daylight.
  • top right option is what we intended to do with the space...but were foiled due to the large rectangle on the bottom left. it is the bossman's office.
  • bottom left is what we just thought of so sarah and i could talk without having to yell over 5" shelves. did i forget to mention that our "U" shaped desks are an L desk with a massive cupboard/desk attached?
  • bottom right is just another option ..but it leaves me completely vulnerable to the spying of the bossman..even thought we shut the curtains and moved coats around to block any remaining iota of space thru which to peer.

this next thing is my new pride and joy. i have since edited it a bit and will post the final version when i get my garden created [but not planted cos its still a bit too cold].

the orange things are potted herbs and they are quite far from the scale the rest of the drawing is in. also, after i measured tonight i realize the bush on the left side is a big off and some other minor things. but its cool damnit *click for a larger view* and its much more creative than my usual cad drawings..which consist of plans someone else did or surveyed which then need to be in the right format. thats right. i put someone else's plan from paper to computer...and they call that enginerding work. BAHH.

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