Saturday, June 27, 2009

xtrme chandelier golf

not as horribly destructive as it sounds. except for your corneas being slowly seared away. but while bathroom-sconce-shopping..we happened upon chandeliers. when are they appropriate? read on:

in your neo-gothic [as in black clothes-eyeliner wearing goth not the visigoths of ancient europe] mansion built by your hard working parents' dirty capitalistic money that you will soon squander on screechy concerts and leather.

in a high-class brothel

in a light-refraction physics class with plenty of lasers and..appropriate eye protection

in ....never. do not ever buy this lamp. i will hunt you down and unmercifully beat you with it. and thats a promise.


  1. probably my favorite post to date.

    however... i kind of like chandeliers. but i will def consult with you before i purchase one.

  2. i could totally see the golf lamp at crcc in some skeezy backroom lounge.


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