Sunday, June 14, 2009

pickled garden?

zucchini i planted from seed!

random yard mushrooms. its been very rainy

purple bean flowers

tomatoes [this is the black krim plant i bought]

AND A FUCKING PEPPER! its one of the banana peppers!

soooo the other day a new issue of everyday food arrived full of recipes for summer bbqs, grilling, and pickles! so i decided id make some dilly beans. unfortunately in my last minute trip to the grocery store... i forgot fresh dill. but it doesnt matter cos i dont really like dill anyway.

but here are the green beans smashed into a plastic thingy from homegoods. the trip to homegoods was quite inconvenient and extremely trying on my patience. i later realized that homegoods is owned by tj maxx. which explains the total disorganization of the store, the incompetence of the staff, and the low low prices.

brine boilingggg

pickled green beans before chilling [they turned kind of barf colored... but are still crunchy!]

spicy pickled carrots. i used this recipe and..dun dun... i forgot the frikkin jalapenos. but i used plenty of garlic and pepper flakes

and they turned out quite tasty and spicy. similar to the pickle we had in honduras con pupusas. delicioso

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