Tuesday, June 2, 2009

no faith in humanity

whilst shopping the other day, i noticed a sticker from here in the window of a limited store. i thought... well thats odd. i wonder if someone threw that in the display and noone's noticed? then in huntington, i saw a poster advertising "iboco" with their artsy logo again.

now as it turns out, i could find christian owned chiropractors, fence installers, and even mortgage refinanciers. cos when youre trying to get a lower interest rate on your home loan, it is important to have the christian god on your side. i mean the only god. the one that made you in his image with the end purpose of hating everyone who believes otherwise and persecuting them for doing so. oh wait. that wasnt what he wanted?

oh yea. and jesus wanted to make sure your windows were cleaned by umm..not a jew or a muslim. and certainly god forbid [har har] not one of them heathen atheists who dont believe in nuthin...


absolutely horrified.

cant ever go to texas.


  1. OH MY GOD! (no pun intended)

    That's pretty heavy stuff. That some people would actively care about the religion of who made their goods!

  2. sounds like a great idea to me...one place to find Christian owned businesses. I'll check them out.


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