Saturday, June 27, 2009

storm in pjs

after work i came home to find my mother mowing the yard [since the roommates apparently couldnt find the time] and i decided to do a little replanting of stuff. yes stuff. and things and shit and etc. in a span of about 30 min, the sunny sky clouded over, the still humid air became a light breeze, and the sky began to darken. not 5 minutes later the sky looked like this:

the clouds boiled in the sky,

wind whistled in the trees, and the temperature dropped 20 degrees

in between crazy thunder, lightening, and the power flickering, there was massive effing hail. fortunately the cars are fine since the garage is used for beer pong and storage of yard tools.

it pretty much felt like a summer storm in iowa. only ....were not in the midwest anymore toto. thanks to the buckets of rain, our gutters basically overflowed around the entire perimeter of the house. but i did get one really sweet shot thanks to an ISO1600 instead of the "auto" which chose 400.

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