Saturday, June 27, 2009

kittens in freeport

lou and i were surveying a parking lot for a new drainage layout. in a stairwell/creepy nook by the electrical room there were 3 teeeeny tiny frikkin adorable kittens! i wanted to steal them and drive the 45 min back to the office and then the 25 min home with them but i decided loose kittens and sad momma kitty werent a good idea.

this one is aaaaall alone and smelling garbage

fluffy emo kittery kept darting in and out of the electrical room. via 3" gap under the door

if you look really closely..the kittens have green eyes. sadly, they remind me of the "national geographic afghani girl", sharbat gula. they too will lead a dreary dismal life, facing danger, starvation, and strife. instead of the imminent threat of war and genocide, hatred and greed, they dodge cars and psychopathic children, dogs and disease.

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