Monday, June 8, 2009

kenneth cole

a recent trip to the outlet mall rewarded me with a $128 skirt for... ::wait for it:: $10! can i get a fuck yea for half-off clearance prices? indeed. granted, im not convinced any piece of clothing is worth that amount of money. unless its made of money. and even then its probably sewn by some poor starving kid in china or indonesia or india or pakistan making pennies a day right next to the poor starving kid who sews shitty clothes for old navy. but its a nice skirt goddamnit.


i wore two necklaces. they jangled a lot. it was cacophonous fun.

closeup of the pleating cos it makes the skirt all flowy when i samba

  • headband: ulta
  • necklaces: pac sun & grammie's old jewelry box
  • tshirt: calvin klein
  • tank top: old navy
  • skirt: kenneth cole
  • leggings: victorias secret

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