Wednesday, June 10, 2009

frank got pi on my shirt?

errr no. but i cant really think of a good title for this.

this is fabric from sewn over an old tube-bra. i figured since i have 4 of them and have worn each probably once [one of each-white, baby blue, black, pink] they would be ideal to sew into shirts. then its like a built-in-bra-top only... with a real bra instead of some cheapy layer of sheer fabric they call a "bra". but i digress.

side view-hemmed extra edge to make drapey front, reconsidered, and left drapey side.

um yup. thats the pi sign and some pie. and its going with the bicycles in the quilt.

frank is a turd. and he apparently ate part of my spikey plant this afternoon and then barfed in the kitchen.

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