Wednesday, June 24, 2009

recent sewings

thanks to a recent videoblog by threadbanger, i FINALLY know how to do shirring/ruching! so i made a maxi dress and a tanktop. i obviously used their general idea... but changed a lot. cos i cant follow directions for shit. and im "creative".

this is the maxi dress. its made out of organic cotton/bamboo knit

since its so long its pretty heavy for a shirred dress so i need to sew straps on it. however... it looks like a 3 year old sewed these straps. and the shirring in the back is ridicuously uneven. deal with it.

6 rows across the top. i may add another couple rows to eliminate the weirdass ruffle. but thats yet to be seen

and 3 uneven crooked diagonal rows make an empire waist. and its em-pie-err like the flooring company. not ohm-peeer. you sound like a douche when you say it that way. no one cares if you think you know french

the other project i just finished is a quilting knit that i bought from its not stretchy or drapey or light or flowy. just plain old cheap fabric. with acorns?

i added a length of extra ruching at the bottom for a faux pleat and to give it some shape. the extreme closeup give the fabric the texture of upholstery. it aint.

closeup of right strap detail. the other one is just a double. that i added as a last minute thought. cos it looked rather unbalanced. even with the bottom ruching on that side.

the end.


  1. sooo when i visit can you give me a lesson in clothes making? pretty plleeeasee! i'll bake you uhm a cake!

  2. 42 days til i see you! thank god youre almost done with ragbrai...cos i need my at-work-email-buddy!


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