Saturday, May 30, 2009

garden update #3819

um HOLY SHIT things are actually growing! some of my tomato plants have been nibbled on though. i doubt by bunnies. i have not seen one singular live outdoor rabbit since moving to port jeff. i think it was kitties. that then probably barfed tomato leaves in the yard somewhere. but i digress.

switched out the trellis for the beans [green, purple, and soy] instead of the tomatoes. i read that either should do well on a trellis but since the beans are much faster growing [from seed even!] i figured they needed the height. i also planted zucchinis that may or may not make it and some itty bitty eggplants next to my yellowing ghost eggplant-plant from a nursery.

umm my sad peppers are still sitting there... with cucumbers planted adjacent.

the flower bed with transplanted asters attempting to grow up a support


flat leaf parsley

my herbs are doing surprisingly well. atleast the 4 pots that have holes in them. i noticed the half pot that is designed to sit against an inside window [key being inside] doesn't have any drainage holes and a such...with all the rain we get here my basils were literally floating in sludge. unplesant to say the least. but i added more soil on top and moved the pot onto the porch where it would be protected. problem is, now the pot is protected from the sun too. oops.

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