Friday, May 29, 2009

pink chocolate cake

well not exactly. chocolate cake with pink frosting and sugar. but it sounds better the other way right?

i abhor the word "moist" but the cake is damn good. and i cant make cakes from scratch. not enough patience and inability to measure small quantities accurately. due to impatience.

the puffy cake [before it fell OF COURSE]

the little uneven edgy bits that i ate and my frosting experiments

dun dunnnn final product! since the frosting [cream cheese] is so effing sweet i used as little as possible to even out the middle layer and just to decorate the top

i am definitely still a cook not a baker... but this is my first successful cake probably ever. i can bake cookies, brownies, and breads, but cakes. damn them usually.

  • dress: victoria's secret clearance
  • belt: pac sun [2+ years ago]
  • kitchen decor: 1970's

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