Saturday, May 23, 2009

swedish meatballs

dear ikea:

back in the day you used to offer $.50 frozen yogurt cones and delicious swedish meatballs with fluffy mashed potatoes, doused in a light but creamy gravy, with a side of lingonberry jam and sometimes a steamed vegetable. i assume, due to the economy, you have changed the price of a froyo [$1] and the quality of lunchstuffs. i for one am very saddened to see this change.

my meatballs were lumpy, dry, and half sized. all things which conjure rather bad images when combined with the word balls. further, the sauce was watered down and the potatoes seemed to be leftovers from breakfast that had been sauteed in lard and then smushed to within an inch of their sad, sad, lives. long gone are the steamed veggies and the advertised double chocolate torte. replaced with a packaged chocolate wafter and an almond something.

fortunatly, your knack for dressing up a small space in schmancy swedish fabrics and sturdy but cheap furniture keeps me coming back. but perhaps, alas, gone are the days of a delicious ikea repas.

thank god for singoalla cookies.

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