Sunday, May 24, 2009

another probably never to be finished quilt

using the same fabric i bought for this attempt at a quilt... i have started yet another project. for my best friend's very late and possible 2010 birthday present. i am using 9 fat quarters and either appliqueing onto them or making some other quilted thing in the same dimensions.

the blue bike tires didnt come out quite like i intended... but um too bad. they are sort of recognizable. right?

and a bike detail. the wheels are puffy with a layer of batting underneath and the bike frame is temporarily glued on using some ridiculously expensive spray adhesive [like this one only not on sale] from michael's and then zig-zagged on. all based on something i hand drew from a DOT sign... and then transferred to paperboard that i pulled out of the recycling bin. not too shabby if i do say so myself.

now to finish the other 8 rectangles...

in other news, i read the manual to my mom's hand-me-down husqvarna serger, got it threaded correctly, and working! cos i am awesome. and know how to read. ish.

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