Wednesday, July 1, 2009

garden edition #14

according to the "labels" category, this will be my 14th post about the garden. as usual, the basil and tomatoes are doing very well. i dont actually have any fruit... but the tomatoes are flowering like its their job. cos it is. ish. and the zucchini plants [its either 3 or 6 of them. theyre all kind of smushed together in an amorphous blob] will soon be sprouting forth an overabundance of zucchinis.

basil looking healthy, and rosemary looking much better once i repotted the thyme it was being overgrown by

the sad sad state of my lavender

future tomatoes of america

since taking this pic we have had another sunny day. so now there are 10 zucchini blossoms. they may have to be plucked, stuffed with cheese, and deep fried...

these two beans have since turned purple and there are two neighboring yellow beans

the left bed

the right bed [parsley is trying to survive the transplant]

theres a third pepper hiding in there somewhere

heres what a pepper sees all day...

the yard also seems to be growing an overabundance of helicopters. not the buzzy medivac kind. the kind that get stuck in your hair, seed themselves in your garden, and get tracked into the house on long pantlegs. boo.

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