Saturday, July 11, 2009

more garden results

from L-R: a pot of dirt [thai basil seeds], regular basil, baby strawberries

gigantor mothra in the garden. WAH TAHHH

tomatoes with a nice view of the house

eggplant flower. still waiting for an actual eggplant to spring forth...

i bought brussels sprouts on a whim. there are 6. hopefully they will produce 6 massive stalks of brussels sprouts.

baby bell pepper! [not babybel cheese in the cute red wax wrapper]

the first recognizable zucchini [of many to come]!


  1. I planted a few protea seeds a few weeks ago and I'm thrilled that one has come up! Gardening can be so rewarding :)

  2. i had to google proteas... [gorgeous!] i hope to see pics when they bloom


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