Monday, July 20, 2009

another dress and silly skirt

reusing an "easy mccalls" dress pattern, i made a quick sundress. this time i used the right kind of fabric on the top and close to the right on the bottom. i say "close to" cos knit fabrics are really fucking hard to sew and the zipper makes weird bulges and waves in the side. also, the pattern i believe calls for about 2x too much fabric for each layer and the resulting dress is a bit unflattering. i remembered this fact however, after painstakingly ruching two rows and then threading 1/2" elastic between the rows, i FINALLY fitted the skirt to the top and then sewed it on.

also after fighting the zipper, i made a quick tie-belt with the remaining fabric from my random yard of quilting cotton. the sis and i decided pockets were mostly unflattering on this type of dress and a belt would be preferable.

i also made a skirt out of some of the magenta knit and shiny red tulle that was on $.95 discount from due to my lofty ambitions and meager talents, the contrasting color waistband was an afterthought. and before i serged off the weird edges...looked like a cheerleading trainwreck.

perhaps ill wear it to a random winter party [?] or a ballroom dance event. the length and hem really are even but are being blown sideways by the fan.

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