Saturday, July 11, 2009

plattduetsche festival

plattdeutsche in franklin square. the fest was a fundraiser for the "old folk's" home next door.

fries and a brat with kraut which i asked specifically not for... but it was rinsed so not actually so bad

amazing potato pancakes dripping with grease that we waited almost an hour for. but so fucking worth it. and i drank an entire hefeweizen while in line. my only beer at bierfest. and not out of a boot. ::le sigh::

creepy garden gnomes. i would have bought one for the jardin..but they were $14 and plastic. PLASTIC. WHO MAKES FRIKKIN PLASTIC GARDEN GNOMES?!

suspenders to hold up your lederhosen and cute floral dresses

part of the parade of long island german clubs? [un]fortunatly we missed the crowning of this year's miss plattduetsche.

angry looking kids doing traditional bavarian dances

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