Monday, July 20, 2009

dindin delicioso

the sis [aka the laundry fairy] cooks dinner for me almost every night of the week. which is greatly appreciated since i dont feel like doing anything after an eye-gougingly tedious day at work and a quick trip to the gym.

tonight was asian [insert type of mild white fish here] packets-soy, garlic, pepper flakes, baby bok choi from the j king's farmers market, and scallions.

with a side of homemade beef and bok choi dumplings

followed up with an ice cream bar and half a pluot [also from j kings] since only 1.5 fit in my lunch...instead of the 2 i had intended. a pluot is half apricot/half plum. purple on the inside, not fuzzy, and sweet with a teeeeny tiny apricot-sized pit. they have very odd looking skin, kind of a shiny mottled pear with bad acne scars. sounds appetizing eh? well it gets better. when you turn it around, like most stone fruit, a pluot has a buttcrack.

my mature years and microsoft paint skills says it looks like a dino-buttcrack. blah blah dinos dont have butts cos theyre reptiles and they have tails but TOO DAMN BAD.

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