Friday, March 22, 2013

what lies beneath

probably the creepiest movie i ever voluntarily watched.  i avoid ghosty/haunting/tub drowning/psychological thrillers at all costs.  but i digress.

what lies beneath layers of painted-over wallpaper?
secret asian forests!

and somewhat more revealing [wah waaaah], the wallpaperers themselves

top right reads "papered by Ch___ ORe____ July 3 192_"
bottom right reads "papered Feb 6 '48 by Geo W Moulton"

now i have this urge to write "mudded over like a badass by Liz Zelnick, March 22 2013" but i fear the meaning would be lost. 

but the really cool part is this.  the house was built in 1927, and clearly wallpapered shortly thereafter.  in my disclosure paperwork, it appears george and barbara moulton inherited the property from the deceased ward and hilda moulton.  according to, ward at the very least lived in cumberland county [where i am!] in the 1920's.  george moulton sold the house in 1956 to byron and barbara peters.  i bought the house from barbara peters last week.  this 80+ year old house and i am maybe.. the 3rd owner?  whaat?


  1. madame, that wall paper is pretty! such a nice thing that you are only it's 3rd owner I think. didn't know that they give homebuyers a disclosure paperwork. that's great, esp seeing the title of this post, LOL... shudder. at what point of your buying process do they present you with this info? good to know for when we go through the process down the line.

    p/s: I don't know if you were presented with a Liebster award before, but I nominate (or presenting??) you with the award nonetheless. Here is my post should you want to accept ;)

    1. i saw the house first with an associate of my realtor and when i went back with the actual realtor, he gave me the whole disclosure packet. it has general house specs - size, age, loc, style; utilities history, any known defects, and the current owner's purchase paperwork. some places i was only briefly considering i received the MLS basics with just house specs.

      thanks for the award!! i'll definitely be following up on that ..but i moved my internet service from my apartment to my house and now i'm suffering. and..not supposed to be on the blog at work. ahem.

  2. OH MY GOD. That is so freaking awesome, Liz. It's like you've inherited a bit of history! I totally DIG those Secret Asian Forests (affiliated with Secret Asian Man, maybe? The song Secret Agent Man, I mean)

    1. hahha i read your comment on my phone last night and the song totally starting going through my head! there was another little bit of tree wallpaper on the other side - not asian, but craft-paper like with bronze leaves. it must have been a gorgeous room back in the day


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